Fellow Foodies Welcome

My life is food. 

I don’t mean that I simply like food, but that it is literally my life. 

I grew up in a world that revolved around food. I blame my somewhat diluted Italian heritage for this. Holidays, celebrations, family gatherings, days ending in ‘y’ – you name it, food took center stage. 

Not that I am complaining about this upbringing. My parents and grandparents took pride in the fact that I’ve never been a picky eater, and was always able to order for myself in a restaurant, even at the age of 5. I wasn’t the type of kid you took to a restaurant and had to ask the waitress, “Do you serve hot dogs?” (not that I dislike hot dogs…). Chances are, if you put it on the plate in front of me, I’d eat it. Seafood, pasta, mystery meat in the cafeteria, it didn’t matter. 

My name is Kristen, and I am a foodie

Collection of Cookbooks

My Collection of Cookbooks


Although I’ll eat just about anything, I’ve gained an appreciation for flavor and well thought-out and prepared dishes. This appreciation has transformed into an inherent interest in food preparation and cooking. And although I won’t be competing for a spot on Iron Chef America anytime soon, I find solace in food and cooking it. After a long day at work, or a boring afternoon, I turn to my kitchen. And whether I prepare an old standby favorite, or attempt a new recipe from one of my many cookbooks or a recent viewing of The Food Network, my spirits lift  with the chop of my knife or the sizzle in the frying pan on my teeny, tiny stove. 

My Tiny Stove

My Tiny Stove


I will use this blog to share the trials and several errors I will surely encounter in my culinary experiments. I will not only share the recipes I’ve tried, but the tricks I’ve learned, tips I’ve received, and fun food facts (because who doesn’t love trivia?). I may even add a review or two of my own, even though I tend to enjoy just about anything that goes into my stomach. I’m open to ideas, advice, and criticisms of my attempts. Again, I’m not a professional, but an amateur gourmet, hoping to learn and share with other lovers of delicious cuisine. 

So, welcome to my food paradise. 

Happy Eating.

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One Response to Fellow Foodies Welcome

  1. Pam says:

    Umm, when did we become the same person? If I had any writing skills I swear I’d be writing the SAME EXACT blog right now. Looking forward to reading! Good luck!

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