Truly Serendipitous

This is the final installment of the Amateur Foodie Travels… for now at least. I figured I would save this one for last, not because it was a hole-in-the-wall find… quite the opposite in fact. In all the time I’ve spent in NYC, it wasn’t until my most recent trip that I finally ate at the legendary Serendipity 3. I went, not only because it is a NYC landmark, but a favorite of the late Jackie O., whom I idolize.  

If you’ve never been to Serendipity 3, GO… but consider making a lunch or dinner reservation first. 

I know, you’re probably thinking, “Lunch or dinner? Aren’t they famous for dessert?” Well, that’s true, but they don’t take reservations for dessert alone, and if you simply show up to the restaurant (located at 225 E. 60th St, between 2nd and 3rd ave), be prepared for a wait up to TWO hours. (That’s not an exaggeration. When I went for lunch, people who were walk-ins were told they wouldn’t be seated for another hour and a half to two hours!) 

So, in order to avoid such a problem, I made a lunch reservation. Their general menu is pretty extensive. I chose cheese ravioli, which was quite good. The sauce had a nice tang and the ravioli was cooked just right (not overly done, which would cause sticky pasta). 

Frrrozen Hot Chocolate


But, the heart of my meal came at the end. I had been told by anyone and everyone that I had to order the “Frrrozen Hot Chocolate” for my dessert. (Yes, that is an oxymoron, but a DELICIOUS oxymoron!) I don’t think I can accurately describe this dessert (which was actually a drink and a dessert in one), other than to say it tasted exactly like a rich, thick hot chocolate… but cold. Hence: Frozen (Frrrozen) Hot Chocolate. 

So, if you’ve never been to Serendipity and you only take two pieces of advice from this post, they should be this: 

1. Make a reservation to avoid a ridiculous wait. But try to plan in advance as there are only a limited number of reservations available. (212-838-3531) 

2. Order a Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. You won’t regret it. 

Happy Eating. 

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